Corporate Clients

Located in a region with a thriving business and industrial environment and with significant direct foreign investment, DNM has assisted its international and national corporate Clients, in the implementation and development of their business. 
Given this diversified business environment and a complex legal system, corporate clients have asked DNM to provide services in several areas of Law.

FROM THE OUTSET | Establishing the business

We have assisted our Clients in setting up or expanding their businesses, seeking to understand their activity and the markets where they want to operate. 

DNM supports its Client from the outset, defining the legal structure of the business that is most appropriate for their objective, advising them on the choice of the legal instruments necessary to protect their interests. 

We believe that everyone’s situation is unique. We provide a personalised service to each Client, applying all of our experience to each challenge.

DURING THE RACE | Business expansion

We are not only there at the start of the business. We help the Client to develop and expand it. We are there in their day-to-day affairs, assisting them in their wide-ranging issues whether related with employment, tax or environment. If necessary, DNM can litigate in any courts, in the defence of their interests.

Businesses are established with the objective of creating wealth. We help creating and managing this wealth, providing the necessary consultancy in our Client’s debt recovery.  

We help Clients to find the best legal instrument to develop and distribute their products and services. We negotiate and draft several types of contracts, such as distribution, franchising, representation and agency contracts, and those in which the development of the business involves the constitution of partnerships with third parties, like joint ventures, complementary groups of companies, consortiums, and other forms of joint participation in business. 

DNM advises and guides its Clients when their expansion strategy implies a split or merger with other companies, involving multidisciplinary teams that guarantee that the acquisition or transfer of the business occurs without any surprises or upsets. 

We protect the invisible. Intellectual property is the most valuable asset in certain types of businesses. We help our Clients to register their brands, designs, patents, models; we work to protect their proprietary rights; we look for the best protection for the development of software and information technologies.   

A business is made of people. And although it has an eminently social nature, human beings, for a wide variety of reasons, do not always manage to live peacefully with their peers. DNM helps to mediate, reconcile, arbitrate and litigate in any conflicts that may arise in the midst of the business.

THE FINISH LINE | Dissolution and liquidation of the business

As in life, businesses can come to an end. Some have managed to resist this, passing on from generation to generation. Others have a shorter lifecycle, for one reason or another. 

Whether the end is planned or unexpected, we are well placed to support our Clients. DNM accompanies and sets out the dissolution and liquidation of their businesses. When inevitable, we represent and assist Clients in the respective insolvency procedures.