Individual Clients

Starting as a law firm - established in the late 1980s, located in the centre of Portugal, in Pombal, a city with major industrial growth, DNM was always geared to deal with a very broad range of matters, aiming to cater to the needs and request of its individual Clients.

FAMILY | Marriage, Adoption, Divorce & Probate

The family is the cornerstone of the whole of modern society, whatever form it assumes. It is within this that everything begins. 

DNM helps its Clients to plan their marriage in financial terms, opting for the most appropriate matrimonial property regime for their particular situation, drawing up pre-nuptial agreements when necessary. We help them in adoptions and paternity investigations.

When the members of the couple decide to go their separate ways, opting to sever their conjugal bond, we support our Clients in the divorce process, whether amicably or through litigation, negotiating all the agreements involved, namely, the distribution of assets. We try to find solutions for the agreement on parental responsibilities which, without neglecting the interests of the progenitors, protect the interests of the children involved.

LIFE | The vicissitudes

DNM’s team is multifaceted, prepared to help its Clients at any stage in their life. At the most important moments, such as buying or selling a house, and also in the more difficult times, when strength is needed to defend its Clients in a criminal proceedings.

A person has a multiplicity of legal relationships, which can have very significant effects. One must therefore be duly assisted and clarified as a consumer, owner, landlord, tenant, citizen, taxpayer, patient, beneficiary, condominium member, worker, defendant, aggrieved party, in fact in any capacity that implies legal effects. DNM has competences in a wide variety of branches of the law, applying all of its experience in each case that it is entrusted with.

SUCCESSION | Wills & Inheritances

Death is inevitable and the planning of its effects on assets could mitigate future family conflicts. 

The coming into force of new community regulations relating to jurisdiction and to the law applicable to succession, with a supplementary regime that determines the application, to all inheritances, of the law of residence of the deceased, demonstrates the need to plan succession. This is particularly necessary for Portuguese people who reside outside of Portugal, and for foreigners who reside in Portugal, and who opt to have their succession governed by the law of their country of nationality.

DNM helps its Clients in the wording of wills, and is present in all the stages of the distribution of the assets of the inheritance, whether consensual or litigious.