Clientes Empresariais

Corporate Customers

DNM is based in a region with a strong corporate structure and significant direct foreign investment. As such, DNM has assisted its Portuguese and international clients in the implementation and development of their businesses. Faced with a diversified business environment and a complex legal system, business clients have asked DNM to provide services in a wide range of legal areas.


Business creation

We support our clients in the creation and expansion of their businesses, according to the nature of the business and the markets in which it is to trade.

DNM assists its clients from the outset, by identifying the appropriate legal structure for their objective, and by advising them on the selection of the legal instruments necessary to protect their interests.

We believe that no two cases are the same. We provide each client with a personalised service and place all our experience at their disposal.


Business expansion

We are not only there at the beginning of a business. We help our clients to develop and expand their businesses. We are there for our clients in their daily lives, and we advise them on a wide range of employment, tax, and environmental issues. If necessary, DNM can litigate in any court in defence of its clients’ interests.

Businesses are created to produce wealth. We help create and manage that wealth and provide our clients with the debt collection support they need.

We help our clients to find the best legal arrangements for the development and distribution of their products and services. We negotiate and draft a wide range of contracts, such as distribution, franchising, representation, and agency contracts, and contracts needed when business development involves the creation of partnerships with third parties, such as joint ventures, consortiums and other forms of business association.

DNM advises and guides its clients when their expansion strategy involves division, or merger with other companies, thanks to its multidisciplinary teams that ensure that business acquisitions, and transfers are free of surprises, and upsets.

Some of the things we protect are invisible. In some businesses, intellectual property is the most valuable asset. We help our clients to register their trademarks, designs, patents, and models; we ensure the protection of their copyrights; we seek the best protection for the development of software and information technologies.

A business is made of people. Despite the fact that humans are eminently social beings, they sometimes find it difficult to coexist with their peers. DNM helps to mediate, conciliate, arbitrate and litigate all intra business disputes.


Dissolution and liquidation


As in life, businesses can come to an end. Some manage to continue almost eternally from generation to generation. Others have a shorter life cycle for whatever reason.

We support our clients when they deal with planned or unexpected business closures. DNM monitors and maps out the dissolution and liquidation of clients’ businesses. When inevitable, we represent and support clients in insolvency proceedings.