Clientes Particulares

Private Customers

Because it all started in a law firm created in the late 1980s in Pombal, a city in the centre of Portugal which has experienced significant industrial growth, DNM has always dealt with a wide range of matters and sought to meet the needs and demands of its private clients.


Marriage, Adoption, Divorce, and Inheritance

The family is the cornerstone of all modern society, whatever the form it takes. Everything has its source within the family.

DNM supports its clients when they plan the financial and property aspects of their marriage and choose the matrimonial property regime that best fits their personal circumstances, by drafting ante nuptial agreements when necessary. We help families with adoption, legitimation, and paternity investigations.

When couples decide to go their separate ways, and decide to divorce, we support our clients through the necessary legal proceedings, whether they are mutually agreed, or contested, and negotiate all agreements that this involves, namely asset division agreements. We seek child custody and care solutions that protect the interests of the children involved, but do not disregard the parents’ interests.



The DNM team is multifaceted and is ready to help its clients at any stage of their lives. In the most important moments, such as buying or selling a house, and also at very difficult times, when the team needs to rally round to defend clients accused in criminal proceedings.

All people are the subject of a variety of legal relationships, which can have very significant consequences. It is essential to be properly advised and aware as a consumer, owner, landlord, tenant, taxpayer, user, citizen, claimant, condominium member, employee, defendant, victim, and in any other capacity that has legal consequences. DNM is skilled in a very wide range of areas of the law and focuses its entire experience to each case entrusted to it.


Wills and Inheritances

While death is inevitable, the planning of its financial effects can mitigate future family disputes.

The coming into force of the new EU regulation on the jurisdiction and law applicable to succession, which includes a default provision that the law of the deceased’s place of residence applies to all successions, shows the need for estate planning. This is particularly important in the case of Portuguese people, who reside abroad, and foreigners, who reside in Portugal, who wish the law of their nationality to apply to their succession.

DNM assists its clients with the drafting of wills and monitors all stages of the division of the estate, whether agreed, or disputed.