Our Vision

Every day, we work to ensure that our law firm is respected by the wider community of which we are part.

Our mission

Our clients’ problems propel our constant and systematic search for innovative solutions.

Each of our lawyers tends to focus on specific practice areas, while maintaining an overall approach to the matters at issue. We believe that in-depth knowledge of a specific area of law enables us to find the best solutions to the challenges we encounter on a day-to-day basis.

We know our clients. We value long-term stable relationships because we believe that trust is the key to a close and long professional relationship.

Our values

We are therefore intransigent in the defence of our clients’ rights, freedoms, and interests against all comers, whoever they are, but always in a proper, straightforward, and fair way.


A team's stance is the key to its success. Having a winner’s mindset and making the best use of our individual skills helps us create a successful image.


In work, as in life in general, this is the secret of any kind of success. Determination is the fundamental key to achievement. Success is only achieved by those who seek it.


The ability to decide quickly, openness to new ideas and ways of working, and the capacity to view situations from more than one perspective.


The key to motivation is giving 200% to what you do, and have confidence in your work.


The ability to find solutions outside your comfort zone can be the secret of success.


The ability to anticipate problems, outline possible scenarios, and select the best course of action, is something learned in practice.